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Ex. Senior Manager TATA MOTORS

PMRF @IIT Kharagpur

I joined   Pathak Sir's Physics classes right  at the beginning of 11th standard. His way of teaching is so unique and illustrative that even very complex concepts of mechanics , thermodynamics,etc. became crystal  clear with  his deep insights into the subject. It his here where I got real  motivation to become an Engineer. I am deeply indebted to him for the academic excellence I have achieved.

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Integrated M.Sc (Industrial Chemistry) IIT Kharagpur, MBA  IIT Bombay

As a student preparing for IIT JEE back in early 2000 in the small town named Durgapur I had really tough time understanding physics. I tried many tutors and books in the beginning but all were below par. Then with a stroke of luck I met Pathak Sir. I had a great experience learning with him during my JEE preparation. He will explain the concepts bottom up with relevant examples. Since the concepts were well explained, it made us capable to solve any type of problem related to that concept. He is able to explain even difficult concepts in a way that is easy to understand.

His guidance and experience was of great importance in my JEE success. His guidance also helped me in every part of my life, not only academics. I do believe that his video lectures will be of immense help for students preparing for JEE at home.

PS. With these video lectures you can have the best of both worlds, get to learn from the best teacher of physics at the comfort of your own home.   

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B.Sc. Presidency University

M.Sc. IIT Bombay (PHYSICS)

Pathak Sir’s classes helped me to develop a deep understanding of the most fundamental concepts of Physics at +2 level. I cannot stress enough the importance of his classes and the essence of having your concepts clear. No matter what field you choose to study, clarity of Physics at the level of +2 will help you in the long run - whether you are in front of an interview panel or taking more advanced exams for higher education.

His classes helped me to develop a deep passion for Physics and I eventually chose to study Physics as my undergraduate subject. Right now, I’m in the final year of my master’s studies at IIT Bombay- yet I have to refer to those same old concepts learnt in +2. No matter how trivial it may sound, a good understanding of mechanics, optics, AC circuits, electromagnetism are very essential for a serious student of science and engineering in the long run. And Pathak Sir himself ensures that goal is fulfilled. He takes the extra effort to solve problems from Irodov, which itself is a practice of bygone era. However, once you solve those problems, you realize what kind of gem they are and cements your understanding of the subject forever. This is just one such instance of his teaching. There are many more.

I can vouch for the fact that he is an excellent teacher of Physics and his method of teaching is at par with best educational institutions in our country. I have benefited immensely from his classes and would highly recommend to attend his classes if anyone is seriously interested in learning Physics.



B.Tech, Jadavpur University

Class of 2017

Being a former student, I can assure you that you will love your decision after joining sir's class. Concepts are taught properly and in a very synchronized way and the approach to solving a problem develops immensely. I had a wonderful time during my 2 years and hope you also have the same.



B.Sc, St. Stephen's College

M.Sc, University of Amsterdam (Physics), Optical Design Engineer, ASML, Netherlands

Class of 2011

I have been a student at Pathak Sir's physics coaching during my 11th and 12th std. studies and became very motivated and enthusiastic to pursue it as my major for university studies. Currently, I work as an optical design engineer for ASML, Netherlands which is the largest manufacturer of lithography machines for the semiconductor industry. I am glad that I can use basic physics concepts whenever I need to address complex information. More info about my background can be found here:

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MBBS, R G KAR Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata

Biology and Chemistry can be scoring undountedly. But the rank definitely depends upon how much you are going to score in Physics. I was really worried when I began to realise this fact. Learning Physics often seemed cumbersome to me before I had met Pathak Sir. With his whole hearted teaching skill I bagan to enjoy practicing Physics sums and it really paid me at the end. Now I am a doctor. After my parents, I give the whole credit to my forever best - Pathak Sir.

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Btech (Electrical Engineering), NIT Durgapur, Ex. Application Engineer Alstom Transport, Presently Mtech in Computational Data Science, IISC Bangalore

I attended Pathak Sir's class during my 11th and 12th standard.I got my interest in pyhsics from his teachings.All the relevant topics and problem solving techniques are covered in detail.I found the classes very helpful in gaining a deep understanding of the key concepts.All the doubts were cleared with great care.Even after joining Alstom after 4 years of engineering, I was able to apply those +2 fundamental concepts of mechanics and electricity to design a Train Energy Optimization System in an innovation contest.I would highly recommend to attend his classes as it will certainly help to have a good foundation in Physics.

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Physics was not an easy subject for me but since I joined  Pathak Sir's classes, I found this subject to be very interesting and easier. His dedication level towards teaching is mind blowing. Good concept helped me to crack few of the pmts of that time -  WBJEE medical rank 450, AIIMS rank 957.



B.Tech, NIT Durgapur

M.S, University of Twente (Computer Science)

Junior Researcher, University of Twente, Netherlands

I am a student from his physics batch of 2012. Pathak Sir’s physics classes are a complete package of CBSE, JEE Main and IIT JEE preparation. He classes start from basic concept building of all necessary topics, followed by solving moderate level problems and ends by discussion on critical IIT JEE problems. He takes regular exams to assess the performance of his students and this exams consists of both basic and critical questions from the recent completed chapters. While explaining the topics, he makes you write the necessary things in your notebook, which includes derivations and answers to important CBSE level questions. His class notes, his explanations and the problems he made you solve in class and as homework were so complete that I rarely had to refer to books before my school or board exams. He makes your concepts so strong that you are capable of thinking in the right direction for most problems given to you. I think he is one of the few teachers who prepares you both for your board exam as well as entrance exams and makes sure that your perform well in both through rigorous problem solving and concept building. Another strong point about his classes is that he has a selection of important problems from multiple books which he gives as homework and he takes the effort of solving all the questions step-by-step that the students could not solve, on the classroom board. I have seen him paying equal attention to a good student as well as a slow grasping student. His classes helped me qualify for JEE main (then AIEEE) exam and I took admission in National Institute of Technology, Durgapur. I completed my masters in Computer Science with full scholarship at University of Twente and I am a junior researcher at the same university at present. If not for him, I would not have been where I am today.

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