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We provide following services:

1.Distant Coaching:

All classroom lectures on Physics of Std. (XI+XII) CBSE by Subhasish Pathak are loaded in mass storage device ( Either in Pen Drive for small GB size or in external Hard Drive for large GB size) and delivered to the Customer ( student) by courier service.

To support learning by seeing Classroom lectures in Video, we provide free doubt clearing chat for 1 year to the buyers of Video lectures ( True Video Book). After the expiry of free chat for 1 year, Customer( student) is required to book Doubt Clearing Slot which is a paid service.

2. Contact Coaching:

Students (Customers ) should enroll themselves for Classroom 

Coaching ( Contact Coaching ). Fees for such service is mentioned under header menu Contact Coahing/ Admission.


3. Doubt Clearing:

a) A member can post his doubt after logging in  in Doubt Clearing Forum in header menu. We provide this service completely free.

b) A student ( Customer ) can book Doubt Clearing Slot. For this he is required to sign up as a member. This is a paid service.



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