PACKAGE C, Lectures on All the Topics of Std. XI+XII CBSE Physics

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Lectures on All theTopics of Std.  XI + XII CBSE Physics. A must have for IIT-JEE ( JEE Advance ), JEE Main, NEET, CBSE XII Board Exam. Duration 168 hrs 22 min. Size 299.66 gb. Cost of lectures Rs 15000/-. Cost of Storage Devices extra to be added. *See below, refund on returning empty hard drive. Free with this Package:

Doubt clearing (@ 5 problems/ week + 10 theory clarifications/week) will be available free of any charges for the first six months after buying. Thereafter if you are willing, you can purchase this service ( go to Buy/ Homepage menu for more details).

Storage Device
  • Refund on return of Empty Hard Drive

    After storing the contents ( video lectures ) of the Hard Drive, you can return the same to 14/26 A Anandapuri Co-op., Durgapur 713213. The courier charges for the same to be borne by you. On receipt of the Hard Drive in working condition, you will get a refund of Rs.2500/-, which will be credited in your Bank Account.