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Chapter 9: Electrostatics /  Total 16 hrs 18 min
9.1       Coulomb's law of Electrostatics /  7 hrs 28 min
9.1.1    Electric Field and its Intensity at a point
9.1.2    Electric Field due to a Uniformly Charged Ring at an axial point
9.1.3    Potential at a point of an Electric Field
9.1.4    Electrostatic Potential Energy of a charge at a point of an Electric Field
9.1.5    Work done by an External Agent to move a Charge in an Electric Field
9.1.6    Electrostatic Potential Energy of a Charge Configuration
9.1.7    Intensity given-Find Potential, Potential given- Find intensity
9.1.8    Electric Dipole- Dipole Moment   9.1.9 Polar and Non Polar dipole
9.1.10  Electric Field due to Dipole at an Axial, Equatorial and at any point           

9.1.11  Potential due to a Dipole
9.1.12  Torque exerted on a Dipole when placed in a Uniform Electric Field
9.1.13  Potential Energy of Dipole when placed in a Uniform Electric Field
9.1.14  Equipotential Surface 9.1.15 Electric Field Lines   9.2 Flux of an Electric Field

9.2.1    Gauss's Law /  4 hrs 10 min
9.2.2     Verification of Gauss's Law by Coulomb's Law and vice versa
9.2.3     Application of Gauss's Law  Electric Field due to a Plane Sheet of Charge(one layer of Charge)  Electric Field due to a Charged Conducting Plate.  Electric Field due to a Line Charge
9.2.4     Charge Distribution  Concentric Spherical Shells with earthing  Large Parallel Plates

9.3      Capacitor and its Capacitance /  4 hrs 40 min
9.3.1     Methods to increase capacitance
9.3.2     finding Capacitance  Capacitance of isolated Spherical Conductor  Capacitance of Parallel Plate Capacitor  Capacitance of Spherical Capacitor with inner/outer shell earthed  Capacitance of Cylindrical Capacitor
9.3.3     Combination of Capacitors
9.3.4     Energy stored in a capacitor  Density of Electric Field Energy
9.3.5     Energy balance in a Capacitive Circuit
9.3.6     Wheatstone Bridge Circuit and Kirchoff's Rule in Capacitive Circuit
9.3.7     Polarisation of Dielectric and Polarised Charge
9.3.8     Dielectric Strength

Chapter 10: Current Electricity /  9 hrs
10.1        Ohm's Law
10.1.1     Effect of temperature on Resistance
10.1.2     Alternate form of Ohm's Law
10.1.3     Combination of Resistors, Colour Code of resistor
10.1.4     Kirchoff's Rules
10.1.5     Elect. Cells and their combinations
10.1.6     Electrical Instruments  Metre Bridge  Potentiometre  Ammeter and Voltmeter
10.2        Heating effect of current
10.3        Charging and Discharging of DC R-C Circuit- Transient Current

Chapter 11: Electromagnetism /  Total 11 hrs 13 min
11.1.1        Force on moving charge by magnetic field 
11.1.2        Force on Current- carrying conductor
11.1.3        Torque on Current-carrying loop- Magnetic Dipole Moment Vector     Cyclotron- Cyclotron Frequency     Moving Coil Galvanometre  Current Sensitivity and Voltage Sensitivity of Moving Coil Galvanometre     Elemental Dipole moment- Orbiting Electron  Gyromagnetic Ratio and Bohr Magneton     Lorentz Force-Velocity Selector

11.2     Biot Savart Law and its application
11.2.1  Magnetic field due to Conductor of Finite length
11.2.2  Magnetic field due to Conductor of Infinite length
11.2.3  Magnetic field due to Circular Coil at the centre
11.2.4  Magnetic field due to Circular Coil at axial point.
11.2.5  Force between Parallel Current-carrying Conductors

11.3     Ampere's Circuital Law and its application
11.3.1  Verification of Ampere's circuital law using Biot-Savart law
11.3.2  Magnetic field along the axis of a solenoid
11.3.3  Magnetic field along the axis of a Torroid

11.4        Electromagnetic induction
11.4.1     Flux of a Magnetic Field
11.4.2     Faraday's Laws of Electromagnetic Induction
11.4.3     Lenz's Law
11.4.4     Motional EMF in Translating Conductor  Motional EMF in Rotating Conductor
11.4.5     Eddy Current
11.4.6     Self Induction  Self Inductance of a Circular Coil  Self Inductance of a Solenoid
11.4.7     Mutual Induction  Mutual Inductance of Co-axial Solenoids
11.4.8     Magnetic Field Energy stored in an Inductor.

11.5  Growth and decay of current in DC LR circuit-Transient Current

Chapter 12: Alternating current /  1 hr 29 min
12.1  Expression for alternating EMF
12.2  Average EMF, rms EMF
12.3  Phase relation between Current and Voltage in Purely Resistive, Purely Capacitive             and in Purely Inductive Ac circuit
12.4  Phasor Diagram
12.5  Current in L-R, C-R and L-C- R Circuit, Phase relation between current and Voltage
12.6  Resonant Frequency and Quality Factor
12.7  Average Power dissipated in L-C-R circuit, Power Factor
12.8  Transformer

Chapter 13: Ray optics /  Total 10 hrs 3 min
13.1     Curved surface reflection
13.1.1  Spherical Aberration

13.2.1  Refraction at Plane Surface
13.2.2  Refraction at Curved Surface

13.3     Lens
13.3.1  Lens Equation
13.3.2  Lens Maker's Formula
13.3.3  Combination of lenses or mirrors in contact on same principal axis

13.4  Prism

13.5        Optical instrument
13.5.1     Simple Microscope
13.5.2     Compound Microscope
13.5.3     Refracting Telescope  Chromatic Aberration
13.5.4     Cassegrain Telescope
13.5.5     Human Eye

Chapter 14: Terrestrial magnetism /  1 hr 9 min
14.1  Dip -True and Apparent
14.2  Declination

Chapter 15: Wave optics /  Total 8 hrs 28 min
15.1     Optical Path and Geometric Path
15.1.1  Interference of light - Young's Double Slit Expt.

15.2    Huygen's Principle
15.2.1 Establishing law of reflection and Snell's law of refraction using Huygen's principle
15.2.2 Refraction of light through prism, lens-explanation using Huygen's principle.

15.3  Diffraction of light

15.4      Limit of Resolution-resolving Power
15.5      Polarisation
15.5.1   Brewster's Law
15. 5.2  Law of Malus

Chapter 16: Modern Physics /  Total 19 hrs 12 min
16.1     Structure of atom-Rutherford and Bohr / 3 hrs 20 min
16.1.1  Rutherford's experiment
16.1.2  Impact Parameter
16.1.3  Bohr's Postulates
16.1.4  Radius of fixed orbit, Velocity of electron in fixed orbit
16.1.5  Energy of an orbiting electron
16.1.6  Emission spectrum of Hydrogen-spectral series

16.2  Photoelectricity- Einstein's wave particle duality of light /  2 hrs 24 min

16.3  De-broglie wave /  21 min

16.4     Radioactivity /  1 hr 18 min
16.4.1  Law of Radioactive Decay- Disintegration constant
16.4.2  Half life and Mean life of radioactive element
16.4.3  Alpha decay
16.4.4  Beta plus and Beta minus decay.
16.4.5  Emission of Gamma radiation

16.5  Nuclear Physics /  2 hrs 34 min

16.6  Semiconductor Devices /  6 hrs 19 min

16.7  Logic Gate /  34 min

16.8  Communication Systems /  2 hrs 22 min

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