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our lecture series is available for purchase in following PACKAGES

(free shipping) 

     Unit and Dimension,         Significant figure, Vernier  measurement, Error, Vector ,Calculus

Price 600/- Downloadable


76 hrs 52 min, 149 GB

Lectures on All the topics of Standard XII Physics


Rs 8000/-


cost of pen drive / hard disk


168 hrs 22 min, 299.66 GB

Lectures on All the topics of Standard XI+XII Physics

Rs 15000/-


cost of pen drive / hard disk


Lectures on Chapter 17

(100 selected IRODOV problems relevant to JEE Advanced)

Rs 4000/-


cost of pen drive / hard disk


45 hrs 30 min, 80.7 GB

Lectures on Chapters 1+2+3+4

(Complete Mechanics)

Rs 4500/-


cost of pen drive / hard disk


45 hrs 58 min, 70 GB

Lectures on Chapters 5+6+7+8

(General properties of matter, Thermal Physics, SHM, Mechanical Waves) 

Rs 4500/-


cost of pen drive / hard disk


25 hrs 17 min, 43.9 GB

Lectures on Chapters 9+10

Rs 3000/-


cost of pen drive / hard disk


14 hrs 4 min, 27.8 GB

Lectures on Chapters 11+12

Rs 2500/-


cost of pen drive / hard disk


38 hrs 52 min, 77.3 GB

Lectures on Chapters 13+14+15+16

Rs 3500/-


cost of pen drive / hard disk


Lectures on Chapters 1 to 17 (includes IRODOV problems)

Rs 17000/-


cost of pen drive / hard disk


Before you place your order for purchase

Before you place your order for purchasing the license to attend my lectures in video, you are required to satisfy yourself by downloading and running a TRIAL VIDEO FILE which I will share with you via Google Drive. The objective of this trial run is to check the compatibility of your PC to run the video files of my lectures. Do the following:
1.  Send me an email expressing your desire to purchase the license.
2.  You will receive an SMS /email/ Quotation with an attached link, stating that a file has been shared with you in Google Drive.
3.  Download the video file in your PC.
4.  Double click on the downloaded file.
5.  A black window will appear.
6.  Copy the machine code that the window would display.
7.  Email the machine code to my email
8.  Give an intimation by sending an SMS to 9434040032 for quick action.
9.  You will receive the password in your email which you will copy and paste in the password box of the black window.
10.  You will tick at the Auto login  box of the black window for remembering the password.
11.  Log in. Lecture will start
The COMPATIBILITY TRIAL VIDEO FILE  will run on the PC from which you have sent the machine code, using the password that you have received.
SMS/email to me stating that ' no problem faced in running the TRIAL VIDEO FILE'

                                                            Theory Clarification and Doubt Clearing Service:
Doubt clearing (@ 5 problems/ week + 10 theory clarifications/week) will be available free of any charges for the first six months after buying on Package C and Master Package only. Thereafter if you are willing, you can purchase this service (go to Buy/ Homepage menu for more details).

                                                         Additional Password

Additional Password ( for change or breakdown of laptop/ desktop) for playing the files will be provided two times in the first three years free of cost. With each allotment of new password, previous password will become non functioning. It will not open the files anymore in the previous computer machine.

How you will make the PAYMENT for your purchase

1. Pay using your Debit/Credit Card through our online Payment Portal. Go to Buy/ Homepage Menu . Select the Product/Services and follow as directed therein. or    

 2.  Find the Quotation for your purchase in your email. Open it. Click on 'Accept' .This will convert the quotation into Invoice.  Pay directly from your Invoice using your Debit or Credit Card.

In what form you will get the PACKAGE

You will get the video files loaded in storage device namely Ext. Hard Drive or Pendrive. However these storage devices Ext Hard drive/ Pendrive are electronic devices , therefore can malfunction. We use renowned brands only to minimise such risk. However, after successful running in your computer if the device malfunctions afterwards, it will not be replaced by us. To avoid such problem, we recommend storing all the files in your computers memory or create additional back up, after opening the files in your computer, to avoid such probllem. 

Shipping of your order

Your order will be shipped within 7 working days after receiving your full payment for the same. You will be intimated about the dispatch along-with the photocopy of the courier's receipt. Courier charges will be paid by us.

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