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Want to study from the comfort of your home
At your convenient time?


Exactly the thing that you need

Success of my students in CBSE Board Exam+ Competitive Exam year after year has proved the efficacy of my methodology and encouraged me to embrace ONLINE approach to help greater number of students. I then uploaded some of my lectures in YOU TUBE and got encouraging responses from students.
But the sheer size of the Class hours (about 400 hours) proved troublesome for the students who went for downloading of some of those and I started receiving requests from students to supply them, the same in Pen drive or in external Hard Drive stating that this approach would exempt them of the botheration of long online engagement.So I am now offering videos of my classroom lectures  in  External Hard Drive. 

TRUE VIDEO BOOK ON PHYSICS FOR CBSE+JEE+NEET by Subhasish Pathak is a detail, to the point, most systematic , concept building lecture series covering the length and breadth of XI +XII JEE syllabus. The video book will be supplied to you in 500 GB external hard drive. You don't need any net connection to see the lectures. It is obvious that questions would arise in your mind in the course of following the lectures. To answer all those, we offer a free chat session for one year . 

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