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1. We do not permit a buyer to cancel his order for purchase, after he has finished the check-out .

2. Mass storage device namely external hard drive and/or pen drive delivered to the location of buyer is not returnable if there is no issue regarding playing of the video files in customer's PC.

3. In the event of video files not running in the PC ( laptop or desktop ) of the customer after inserting the Password supplied by us for the purpose of play of the video files in customers PC, we will do a troubleshoot.  if the troubleshoot by us fails to make the video files play in customer's PC, customer will have to return the whole set of storage devices in undamaged state (delivered to him/her) along with its packing to us at our official address at his/her cost at the earliest.

We will replace the defective items with defect free ones and ship to the customer at our cost.

However the customer is required to report such non-play of the files within ten days from the date of delivery. No replacement will be done after the expiry of 10 days period from the date of delivery.

4. As a safeguard against sudden unpredictable black out of the storage device containing the video files, the customer is required to create a back up of the files by storing its contents i.e the video files in his/her PC or in any other storage device available to him/her.

5. The customer should know that the video files will run only in that PC in which the files have been opened the first time, inserting the Password supplied by us. It will fail to run in another PC. Realizing that the customer's PC may undergo a breakdown or the customer may go for a new PC, we have adopted a policy to supply a new set of password only once in a period of first three years free of any cost.

Thereafter the customer is required to buy password (if required in the event of a change of PC) from us by paying 25 percent of the  Product Price (of that time).

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