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Pathak Sir, Admission 2020 session-page-

General information

For admission pay (Admission Fee of Rs 1000/- + One month fee)only.  

Next fee to be paid within 10th of each month.
Class starting from 13th April 2022. 

Take Admission

14/26A Anandapuri Co-operative H.S.Ltd

Durgapur - 713213, West Bengal, India

Now, no need to come to the above address for admission.If you wish, you can take admission online, by filling up the form and submitting. You can also take admission offline by visiting the above location during visiting hours

For online admission, please do the following:


  • Fill up the admission form by clicking the button below

  • Pay the (Admission fees+First month fee) after submitting the form

  • Come to the location corresponding to your batch and enjoy the classes!

 We train you so that you can outshine others
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